How to Find the Best Drop Shippers Your Competitors Aren’t Using


The best drop shippers are the ones you can't find

Finding a good drop shipper can be a difficult and time consuming process.  The most common way retailers look for drop shippers is to search dropship/wholesale directories or by using google.  For example, if you’re looking for a jewelry drop shipper, you may google the keyword “jewelry drop shipper.”  You’ll be presented with a number of companies who offer drop shipping services to retailers.

Why can this be a problem?

If you’re finding a drop shipper like this, there’s a good chance so are your competitors.  Companies who advertise that they offer these drop ship services services are likely supplying a large number of retailers.  This means that now you’re competing with all the other retailers who are using that vendor for drop ship services. You will all have the same products so you’ll have to find a way to differentiate yourself since your products are not unique in the marketplace.  Content marketing and customer service are a great way to do that.  Remember, it’s never a good idea to compete on price, as it’s always going to end up as a race to the bottom.

Is there a better way to find a drop shipper?

Glad you asked!  There is a better option but it can be a little more time consuming – which is why so few people attempt it (and why this can be an advantage for you).  

Instead of searching for drop shippers, start searching for other retailers of the products you’re interested in selling and see if they’re willing to offer dropship services.  Many retailers are still unfamiliar with this type of model and it can be beneficial and lucrative for them to offer it as it could open a new opportunity for them to offer their products B2B (business to business).

By contacting companies who don’t offer drop ship services, you may be able to find opportunities to offer products your other competitors won’t have.  Having different products could just be the unique selling proposition your e-commerce store needs.

Etsy as Drop Shipper?

etsy drop shipper

One method that’s becoming increasing popular is to make this arrangement with Etsy sellers.  Etsy sellers have amazing products, many of which are unique and hand made.  You can contact the sellers to see if they would be willing to offer you special prices and ship directly to your customers.

One thing to keep in mind is if the products are hand made, you may have to give the sellers advance notice if you plan on driving a lot of traffic/sales for that product.  They may have difficulty keeping up with the demand so they’ll likely need some notice to expand their operations and create more products.

Steps to contact an etsy seller:

  • Go to
  • Using the search bar, find a product that you like
  • Click on the profile name/logo of the seller
  • Click "Contact" from the sellers profile


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