How to Start a Blog – Beginners Guide


Most people are familiar with blogs and may even have favorite sites they frequent for information or entertainment. Have you ever seriously considered starting a blog site of your own? It is obvious that you have considered it at some level if you are reading this guide, but have you really dug down and thought about whether you can be successful?

There is no magic formula to success in the blogging world. It takes persistence, dedication and a lot of hard work to create many return and new visitors to your site. In the age of instant access to information you have to really impact them with good writing, correct and useful information, offer top-notch products and present a welcoming personality. This is not always easy to do through a computer screen.

This guide will break every part of the process to successful blogging into pieces that are manageable and understandable. You will know what it takes to get a blog site off the ground and heading towards the moon and stars. When you complete each part well it will function as it should. There is a formula for success that works no matter what your niche and interests are.

Some people create blogs to get more social recognition and build long-lasting friendships over the miles. Others start blogs to increase business or make it a revenue generating business as it stands. What is your motive behind an interest in blogging? If you know this it will go a long way to helping you create the perfect strategy for success.

This guide is straightforward and you can revisit any part of it at any time to refresh your memory as to what needs to be done at each stage of a blog site development, publication and marketing. Are you ready to begin?

Reasons to Start a Blog

Beyond the actual mechanics of starting a blog, many people wonder why it is that so many businesses and individuals start them to begin with. The reasons are always very individual, but make sense once you take a closer look at the more popular blogs already in existence. They generally fall into the following categories:

  • Imparting personal information or stories
  • Bullet Point 2


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